Is Vaping Safe?

open-letter-in-response-to-bad-press-articles-cyprus-1- What Nicotine Strengths Do I Need? If you are buying e liquid for the first time and are new to vaping then it is strongly recommended to seek advice from a member of staff before trying out any nicotine products. Once you have done this and you still want to buy e liquid then below is a basic guide of what other vapers have stated. 20 Cigarettes A Day + Vapers who previously smoked 20 cigarettes a day upwards have nearly all stated that the best choice was to purchase 24mg nicotine strength e liquid. 5-10 Cigarettes Per Day Vapers who previously smoked around 5-10 cigarettes per day have stated that using a 11mg nicotine strength was the ideal choice for them and worked well. Tapering Off Nicotine The great thing about e liquid, which mimics most NRT products, is that you can taper off by using a lower nicotine strength. In doing this you can gradually wean yourself off nicotine altogether. Nicotine e liquid can be bought in several strengths: 24mg, 11mg and 0mg.

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